A Client asks …..

A client asks me “can you do …..?” The usual answer is “yes”, which is why in the past few weeks I have: Relocated a hotel website hosting (1 hr downtime) Built a new hotel management system, live and taking bookings Redesigned all the bar/restaurant menus, all printed ready for 17th May Created a sandwich […]

Lockdown 3!

A reminder that I can build and support online shopping for businesses in the Harwich area for a very sensible price. If you operate a business and want to continue trading under the new #lockdown3 regs then I may be able to help. The regs: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/949536/NationalLockdownGuidance.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1xcXCdKzzTPtCBckk-6UjRJsAVtBcZFDJn-gh-LE4A-7BlTCPUVx6wcAk   Contact me

Shop Local!

A Harwich company came to me a few days ago and asked for an online shop, with the stipulation that it was available ASAP! It launches in a few days, watch out for it The owner had a particular set of requirements: ☑️ Restricted to CO12 ☑️ Major cards accepted ☑️ Cash on delivery ☑️ […]


A part of my civil service career meant having a heightened sense of security, both physical and non-physical. It didn’t mean going around checking doors were locked (although I may have done that a few times) but I started looking at potential security pitfalls and how to help prevent them. In my current position, I […]

About me …

I’ve been involved with IT since the 1980s and it’s fair to say somewhere in my history I’ve handled just about every IT issue! However, with 40 years experience, I have also heard many wild claims involving virtual snake oil. If you have an IT need but haven’t the time or skills to do it […]