Hosting costs

This is a rough guide to the cost of using me for your website/email hosting needs. The standard first year cost for a domain, hosting, business email, security certificate is £160 for twelve months. This does not include any labour but does include basic maintenance and security support. But: the client will supply all text, […]

Security certificates

It’s becoming more important for websites to have a security certificate – the padlock symbol shows when there’s a certificate – in order to help visitors confirm that you’re a genuine site. In the past certificates were only required for sites that handled sales, but that situation has changed and most browsers will now advise […]

New Year, New Approach?

As 2020 draws to an end (at the time of writing!) there’s a foreboding of what lies ahead as well as thanks that the global annus horiblis is almost gone. Several businesses have had to radically redefine their customer facing services. Home delivery might be normal for some sectors, but who would ever have thought […]